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Connecting listening experts and learners around the world

Allow us to elucidate the mission behind the Global Listening Movement. Our objective is to foster collaboration among esteemed listening experts worldwide and facilitate the dissemination of practical techniques and strategies. We acknowledge the profound personal advantages that arise from effective listening, such as enhancing one's likability and evoking love, and enabling the speaker's personal growth, even in the face of trauma.


We also recognize the importance of listening as the first step towards finding solutions to global challenges such as societal polarization, global loneliness epidemic, climate change, geopolitical unrest, social disparities, and technological advancements that transcend borders. 

The mission of the Listening Leaders Fellowship is:

  • To recognize, gather, and build collaborative community among experts who have demonstrated leadership in the field of listening.

  • To provide a forum for these listening leaders to share the latest research and best practices in the art, science, and business of listening.

  • To create live spaces for these leaders to practice the highest levels of listening together. 

 By doing so, we hope to foster comprehensive and inclusive resolutions for our common predicaments. We believe that every voice matters, and every viewpoint is recognized, from interpersonal dialogues to global diplomacy. Join us in creating a better world through the power of listening. We hope our organization serves as a home for mutual learning, meaningful connections, fruitful collaborations, and, ultimately, positively impacting the world through the art and science of Listening. We encourage open dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and the cultivation of deep connections. 

Whether you're an expert in the field or an enthusiastic newcomer, at the GLM discover ample opportunities to expand your understanding of Listening, refine your skills, and contribute to our collective mission.


Cultivate Genuine Hospitality: Be genuinely hospitable and welcoming to others. Extend your kindness and try to introduce new people to your circle of friends. Take care of each other and create an inclusive environment.

Embrace the Unexpected: Recognize the value of unpredictable moments. Embrace and appreciate the unexpected, as these moments often hold significant meaning and potential for growth.

Embrace Humility: Don't take yourself too seriously. Maintain a humble perspective and be open to new ways of perceiving yourself and others. Please let go of rigid expectations and be flexible in your interactions.

Foster Lifelong Friendships: Focus on building meaningful friendships rather than collecting impressive resumes. Take the time to know and understand those around you genuinely. Elevate the conversation level, respect yourself and others, and prioritize building lifelong connections.

Show Love and Support: Treat everyone equally, regardless of their status. Don't overlook promising startups nor idolize established figures. Show love and support to individuals at all stages of their journey, fostering an inclusive and supportive community.

Embark on a Learning Safari: Recognize that everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Embark on an intellectual, spiritual, and creative journey. Seek opportunities for growth and embrace the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Practice Mindful Presence: Disconnect from distractions to connect with others on a deeper level. Be fully present in your interactions, actively listening and engaging with others. Practice mindfulness and create genuine connections.

Embrace Playfulness: While pursuing value and growth within the Global Listening Movement, remember to enjoy the experience for the sheer fun of it. Embrace playfulness, creativity, and joy in your interactions and activities.

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